Office365 And Its Benefits

Office365 is a bundle of applications and services to fulfil the business needs as a one stop point. It provides access to apps like word, PowerPoint, Excel etc up to 5 devices that you have logged in with no limitation. Cloud email feature allows to collaboratively work with your customers, co-workers with no location constraint.

Here are few benefits with the usage of O365 in our day in day out Businesses

Location independent – As it’s entirely a cloud-based solution, Office365 offers to work from anywhere when you are connected to internet. Its has the capability to allow user to create, modify and delete files/emails from any place or device in real time by just connecting to the internet.

collaboration is key – For a business to be successful or while working in teams, working collaboratively is key factor for success. Office365 provides the capability to contribute or edit spreadsheets, word documents, presentation etc. at the same time, everyone can work on same version of file instead of creating different files. Versioning is an added benefit for maintaining documents while working in teams. It will allow collaboratively conferencing meetings and bring everyone into one voice or video call via. Skype application.

Up to Date – As Office365 is a cloud-based solution, software updates are up to date, resulting in accessing the latest versions of applications with no much of hassle for software updates.

Cost Saving – As the application is hosted on cloud, maintenance of hardware is of no additional cost or office space for companies. It also provides the capability to buy subscription per user base which can be either paid annually or monthly.

Usage on 5 devices – A user account can use the licence up to 5 devices and can access all the applications with no limitations or restrictions. It auto-sync’s data on any device to the latest versions.

Feasibility per user – Based on the usage of applications, it can be limited to one user or all. This can be managed very ease with no much of hassle.

Security capability – In today’s world, everyone looks for data security as a key focus. O365 offers security coupled with applications for protection of company’s data. It’s in cooperated with below security features for all the apps that is offers.

  • Data Encryption – This will enable the messages transferred on internet are encrypted and can be opened or read by only intended user with no data loss.
  • Threat Analytics – with the advanced threat analytics capability, it will alert for any suspicious activity observed on any of the devices or user in real-time.
  • Data loss prevention – Real-time monitoring of data by safeguarding company’s data.

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