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Studying in Australia as an international student can sometimes be daunting, as it’s hard to leave friends and family behind and adjust to a completely new place. The struggle is short-term, which brings long-term value in terms of quality education and personal development. Although international students feel at home in Australia, that is why it is the most popular destination for studying abroad. There are several reasons, such as the low cost of studying in Australia, flexible visa requirements, and a world-class education system.

Compared to Northern Europe and North America, Australia is a country with a wonderful climate. Many places are warm all year round and there are breathtaking landscapes to explore. Exciting big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide provide wonderful opportunities to socialise and experience Australian urban culture. Swimming, surfing, hiking, music festivals, barbecues, parties, and much more.  The countryside with its diverse wildlife is also a feast for the eyes.

From 15 December 2021, fully vaccinated eligible visa holders can travel to and from Australia without applying for a travel waiver. This is a positive and exciting development and we thank our international students who have remained patient and resilient during this time. Tower Australian College recognises the significant contribution international students make – not just to our university, but to the wider community and to diversity. Tower Australian College will continue to comply with the latest health recommendations and government guidelines to ensure the safety of returning students and the wider community. If you are an international student currently studying outside Australia, please continue to contact us for updates.

As a prospective international student applying to study in Australia, you must obtain a student visa before traveling to Australia. Student visas are issued by the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA). There are a number of specific requirements that must be met before a student visa can be issued. These requirements vary depending on your nationality and the level/type of study you intend to do.

As an international student, you are allowed to work for pay up to 20 hours per week during your studies and full-time during your planned study breaks. However, you should bear in mind that work may not be readily available and you should not rely on this form of income to cover your study and living costs.

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