Importance of Network+ training and certification

Importance of Network+ training and certification

The networking is an important area in the IT industry. An IT professional who plans to develop in the network area needs to learn a lot. The best way to learn and showcase your skills in networking is to get yourself certified. A certified candidate has a higher chance to be employed as the certification is a keyword that recruiters are searching for.

CompTIA Network+ is an entry-level certificate that is required by Network professionals. The main contents of this certification are about overall networking and routing concepts. CompTIA Network+ teaches you the right way to troubleshoot software, hardware, and networking. It is a comprehensive network certification that enables you to be familiar with all the basic knowledge of networking. The main contents of Network+ include:

  • Network Concepts: You learn the terms and concepts in the network.
  • Network Infrastructure: You learn the basic design of network infrastructure.
  • Network Operations: You learn to install and configure the network equipment.
  • Network Security: You learn to protect your network by deploying security features.
  • Network Troubleshooting & Tools: You learn to troubleshoot network issues with the help of useful tools.

To get CompTIA Network+ certified, the best way is to enrol in a training session. The training session invites an expert in the networking area and you are able to learn fast and more efficient than self-learning.

The CompTIA Network+ certification is a good choice for candidates who would like to work in the networking area. This certification has the following benefits:

  • Thorough knowledge: You have the ability to implement and install a defined network architecture once you complete the certification. In addition, you are able to configure, maintain and troubleshoot multiple network devices.
  • Further certification: This certification prepares you for further study in the networking area as a foundation. Based on this certification, you are able to develop yourself to a higher level (expert level) in the networking area.
  • Stand out from crowd: The Network+ certification allows you to become a professional in the networking area. This enables you to stand out from the uncertified candidates in the job markets. You are more likely to be employed as a Junior Network Administrator, Network Field technician, Junior System Engineer, IS Consultant, Network Field engineer, Computer Technician, Help Desk Technician, System Engineer, Network Support Specialist or Network Analyst.
  • Salary hike: This certification enables you to get an IT job with a decent salary than the uncertified candidates.

In summary, Network+ training enables you to learn fast and more efficient. Network+ certification enables you to acquire thorough knowledge, to achieve higher certification, to stand out from other candidates, and to increase your salary.

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