JNCIA certification and its benefits

JNCIA stands for Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate; it is issued by Juniper Networks and recognized by Information Technology (IT) industry. This certification is the entry-level certification for a Juniper-based network. The certification indicates a candidate has the required networking skill set at the Associate Level. You can choose your Track in the Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) that enables you to prepare for your exam. There are two main tracks for JNCIA certification:

Junos Tracks:

  • Data Centre: JNCIA-Junos
  • Enterprise Routing & Switching: JNCIA-Junos
  • Junos Security: JNCIA-SEC
  • Service Provider Routing & Switching: JNCIA-Junos

Product and Technology Tracks:

  • Automation and DevOps: JNCIA-DevOps
  • Cloud: JNCIA-Cloud

After you complete one of these exams and you are Juniper Networks certified candidate at the Associate level. Becoming Juniper certified can broaden your knowledge and get you recognized in Juniper-based networking environments. Juniper-based networks are composed of networking equipment like routers and switches, networking services and Junos network operating systems. Completed a JNCIA certification proves that you have the ability to help companies to build high-performance networks.


Benefits of JNCIA certification:

  1. Certificate of Achievement

The official confirmation from Juniper Networks proves that you are fully equipped with the Juniper-based networking skill set as a professional. It demonstrates that you have achieved the Associate level in the Juniper-based network environment. Juniper Networks supports top service providers, banks, stock exchanges, government agencies, health care organizations etc. The JNCIA certification provides you with a wide array of job opportunities like Network engineer, Network Administrator, Network Security Engineer, and Network Operations Centre (NOC) Engineer roles, etc.




  1. Further study in networking

Juniper Networks Certification Program (JNCP) supports the latest networking technologies and the various customers. JNCP is classified into 4 levels ranged from lower to higher:

  • Associate level
  • Specialist level
  • Professional level
  • Expert level

Completion of JNCIA proves that you have the ability to study higher. When you have gained enough working experience and you believe that your networking skills are improved a lot, you are able to take the exams to be certified as a specialist or higher.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

After completion of the JNCIA certification, you understand the fundamentals of networking and basic Juniper Networks Junos Operating System (OS). The routing and switching are the foundation in networking and JNCIA certification trains you to understand all of these fundamentals. With a JNCIA certification in your C.V., you stand out from other applicants and you have more chances to be offered the job. This certification distinguishes you from noncertified peers. Hiring Managers who look at the C.V. knows that you have the ability and the networking skills set that they require. It also benefits you for your career development and enhancement.

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