Cisco Routers 900 Series

Cisco Routers 900 Series and Features

Cisco routers 900 series:
The Cisco 900 series router is an integrated service router that combine internet access, wireless security, and wireless service during a single high-performance device. These routers are easy to deploy and manage. 900 series simplify the deployment of Ethernet WAN service, operations, administration, and maintenance. They have a high integrated security and threat defense which protects network from internet vulnerabilities and threats.

Features of Cisco routers 900 series:
Redundant WAN connections for failover protection and load balancing, and dynamic failover protocols such as Virtual router redundancy protocol, hot standby router protocol and multigroup HSRP are some of the features that ensures high availability and business continuity.

The ability to run multiple services simultaneously with no performance degradation is another feature which gives consistent and high application performance levels. Risk mitigation with multilevel security is another feature which are achieved by network perimeter security with integrated application inspection firewall, the data and advanced encryption standards which brings data security, enforced security policy etc.

With the LAN connection support, feature consolidation for real estate, capital expenditure and management savings. Unified control of wired and wireless networks from a regular console for streamlined operations simplifies and centralizes configuration and management of wireless and wireline devices.

Cisco 900 series supports separate console ports which another import feature that helps to keep local IT staff lean by remote configuration and management. The router’s IPO and IPO services with specifications such as Dynamic DNS, Cisco express forwarding Web cache communications etc. Enhanced switch features with auto media device in/ media device cross over, MAC filtering, storm control, smart ports secure MAC address etc.

This series is equipped with excellent security features that secures connectivity, secure socket layers VPN for secure remote access, Public Key Infrastructure support, NAT transparency, dynamic multi-port VPN, tunnel-less group encrypted transport, network foundation protection etc.

Quality of Service is another great feature with low latency queuing, weighted fair queuing, resource reservation protocol, class of service, class based QoS, traffic shaping, weighted random early detection, network-based application detection etc.

Virtual router redundancy protocol, HSRP, MHSRP ensures high availability. Excellent management feature is achieved by Cisco configuration Express, Cisco Configuration Professional, Cisco Auto install, Cisco security Manager, Cisco Next generation Plug and Play protocol, Cisco IOS embedded event manager, Telnet, Cisco IP Service-level agreement etc. In addition to the above features Cisco 900 series also comes with an excellent power supply, WAN, LAN switch and others.

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