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Best Way to Get a BA Job

This document will share information about the best way to get a Business Analyst job.
1)  Position right to get a Business Analyst job

2) BA Job search

3) Download & read the job attachments

4) Prepare your application documents

5) Apply

   Position right to get a Business Analyst job

Firstly, try to figure out what kinds of business analyst jobs you are qualified for & most importantly how to position your skills and career experiences for those types of jobs.

Finding your transferable business analysis skills from your previous work experience ensures that you have more job opportunities.

   BA Job search

There are a lot of job search portals or websites online. Some of them are:

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has got around 6 million users from Australia.

You can search for jobs as per your selection criteria, and you can subscribe to various companies to remain updated on open positions.

2. AllJobs

AllJobs is a real-time job service. It assists with job search across Australia and New Zealand.

3. APS Jobs

APS Jobs is a government website which offers jobs from Australia’s public service sector.. You can sign up for job alerts and save job ads to apply later.

And few others such as seek, adzuna etc

Download and read job description

Read the Job description and the main areas to focus on are:

  • values
  • accountabilitiesor Job responsibilities
  • Qualifications

Feel free to contact the person mentioned in the job posting in case of any clarifications.

Preparing your key documents

Your resume and cover letter are the two important documents you need to apply for a job. 


Some of the most crucial points related to resume are as below:

What is a resume & why it is used

A resume is a marketing tool in the form of a document created by an individual to present their background, skills, and accomplishments.

How to improve?

Although there are many ways to improve your resume, we will look into the top 7 ways.

  1. Think like your Prospective Employer and Focus on the top-third of your resume.

Most of the jobs advertised receive a countless number of applications and it’s not feasible to go through every job application! So recruitment managers only spend a few seconds reviewing each resume, so the top portion of your resume should capture their attention. It should be relevant to the job advertised and market your application.

  1. Use Job-related Keywords

Almost all the companies and recruiters use keywords to identify qualified candidates. If you don’t use the relevant business analyst keywords in your resume, it will be overlooked by the electronic applicant tracking systems, in other words, your application will not be filtered to the next stage of application. Some of them could be experience with preparing business case, process mapping, conducting workshops with stakeholders etc.

To learn more about these critical and up-to-date keywords, refer to online job postings (e.g: seek, Jora), the jobs advertised and “About Us” areas of company websites & LinkedIn job postings and group conversations.

  1. Resume should be tailor-made to the job you apply

Using a generic resume for all the job applications would not work out. This is tied to the previous one about using job-related keywords.

Go through and understand the job advertised, highlight the required and relevant skills in your resume and if you don’t have the relevant experience and skillset, focus on highlighting transferrable skills that might suit the job advertised.

  1. Quantify your results

Use numbers and percentages whenever possible to quantify your results. An example could be ‘Managed a team of 25 consultants’ or ‘improved the customer satisfaction rate from 80% to 87%’.

  1. Concise

Keep your resume between 1-2 pages. Always remember the time factor that your resume got only a few seconds to a minute to make a mark.

  1. Declutter your resume

Remove unnecessary information that does not add value to the job advertised. Ask yourself if you would like to see the information if you are the hiring manager.

What is a cover letter & why it is used?

A cover letter is a letter of introduction while accompanying another document such as a resume or curriculum vitae.

It is used to introduce yourself to your prospective employer, demonstrate your interest in the company or a specific job vacancy, draw attention to your resume and motivate the hiring team to interview you.


The last step is to apply. Be mindful of the application procedure as some job descriptions might specify application procedure strictly through email or strictly no email or how the resume should be submitted etc.

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