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Best Software Programmer Certification Courses

The journey to become a Software programmer begins with a keen interest in the language of computers. As the title indicates, a Software programmer writes code and convert software designs into a set of instructions that computers can understand.

Software programming is a very-detailed profession, and it includes writing, troubleshooting and maintaining the source code of computer programs. There is not one singular way to write code and hence, the skills needed beyond programming are being introspective, logical, methodical and curios. The process of writing source code requires expertise in knowledge of the application domain and specialized algorithms.

Your chances to become a Software Programmer are better if you earn certifications. It opens a great deal of doors for you as a Software programmer. Listed below are the certifications helpful to kick start your Software programmer career.

MTA Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS :

This course is deigned for the candidates with a basic knowledge of programming. It focuses on fundamentals of HTML and CSS, structuring documents and styling web pages using HTML and CSS. The other concepts discussed are implementing programming logic, validating user input and developing user interfaces.

MTA Introduction to Programming using JavaScript :

This course is designed for the candidates with a basic knowledge of programming. The course covers a wide range of programming concepts including JavaScript operators, HTML forms and document object model. It gives candidate the ability to design HTML pages and make them more attractive using CSS and JavaScript.

Microsoft 20480B Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 :

This course is designed for the candidates with a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It covers various concepts including developing user interfaces, looping and branching, and creating a well-structured application.

Microsoft 20762B Developing SQL Databases :

This course is designed for the candidates with a basic knowledge of Transact-SQL. It covers different aspects of SQL 2016, including implementation of managed code in SQL Server and working with spatial. It also focuses on Columnstore indexes, Implementing In-Memory Tables and Querying XML Data.

Program C# :

C# is one of the most popular programming languages and can be used to develop mobile applications and enterprise software. This course is designed to provide an exposure of fundamental programming concepts using C#. It also focuses on debugging applications and implementing security.

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