how to become a software tester

How to become a software tester?

First, let us see what the tester does before we answer how to become a software tester. Testers normally perform testing types such as functional testing, non-functional testing, and many other types of tests used in software development. They raise defects, debug defects, manage, and validate defects. They also gather information related to technologies, issues, and products. They do test types such as designing, reporting, monitoring, process improvement, solving problems, reviewing test strategies, test plans, and test cases. In addition, they performed tasks related to test such as generating test data, executing test cases, writing testing tools, maintaining tests, writing automated tests, and maintaining the test environment. They help to plan sprints, prepare test plans, and write documentation as well. Finally, testers do some analysis, just like root cause analysis, mapping out ideas, improving the product backlog, creating burndown charts, analysing stories, and many more. Aside from those mentions above, there are many job testers do. So, let us go back to the question of how to become a software tester.

Becoming a tester requires certain qualifications. If you look for a job in the market that involves testing, some companies may require you to have an IT background as one of the requirements. On the other hand, others may not as long as you have undergone training in software testing on certain qualified training centres. We cannot deny that having an IT background has a big advantage over others with a non-IT background. Being a tester sometimes involves working on software and technologies that some IT professionals have studied during college. They are familiar with programming languages and databases, which help them in the position that requires reading or understanding codes. Reading and understanding code is an advantage for testers but not always required in some circumstances.

Software testing training might also help those who seek to join in the field of software testing. Especially for those career shifters and students who want to start their journey on software testing. These training centres provide a step by step process to learn practical applications and even certifications courses related to software testing. Some offer online training or classroom-based training at a competitive cost. Furthermore, they sometimes offer exam fees together with the certification courses as a package if you enrol on them. In addition to that, they have a compilation of mock exams, which are helpful if you would like to prepare for the certification exams. Therefore, enrolling in these organisations might help you kick start your career in software testing.

There are good resources available online that might help you learn more about software testing—websites such as the Association of Software Testing (AST), for example. You can access their webinars and keynote presentations about software testing. The International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) website will learn more certifications related to software testing. They offer a free download of documents and files, such as the syllabus of the course and software testing terms. There are plenty of websites that you may look at if you want to learn and study software testing.

In conclusion, there are tons of ways to become a software tester, whether you take a formal software testing course from a training centre like Logitrain, which can help you build your software testing knowledge and earn certifications or even drive your testing career building a portfolio on your own. Not only that you need to learn theoretical knowledge from books about software development/testing, but you also need to change your mindset when you want to pursue a career in software testing. Though knowing the standards in testing is important, the key to becoming a successful tester is to have that testers mindset and a heart for quality engineering.

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