Why I chose Logitrain

Why I chose Logitrain for my IT Courses, IT Certifications and training

Logitrain is one of the best IT training institutes in Australia. Logitrain has training locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. 

The reason I choose Logitrain for my training courses was because of the flexible timings and their job program. 

Logitrain offers a flexible schedule for students like weekdays, weeknights and weekends. They offer three different types of graduate programmes / job programs, namely 1, 2, and 3. 

A job guarantee program 3 provides additional certifications and assist with job interviews. 

Logitrain IT packages are ITtech, ITadmin and IT expert. These packages run every week. Logitrain provides high-quality training for people from basic to advanced level. IT professionals can upgrade their skills through Logitrain. 

I choose Logitrain because when I joined the first day only, they give the entire structure of the course like course start date, end date, and internship. During the program of the course, Logitrain provides mock tests. They provide greater flexibility of training mode like in-class and live sessions for students. They provide a wide variety of training for certifications like Cisco CoursesMicrosoft CoursesAWS CoursesITIL Courses etc. After every course of completion, Logitrain gives three months duration for the certification exam. So, we have to complete the certification exam within three months of course completion. Otherwise, they are not responsible for the exams. They have high qualified trainers with a lot of experience in their fields. At the start of every course, trainers will provide detailed information about the course and the criteria for the exam. In the meantime, Logitrain provides some of the practical questions also. Those are very helpful to gain the skills. The good thing I like at Logitrain is, they offer remote mock tests as well. It is easy to use and understand. All certification exams are held at Logitrain centre. Most of the certification exam results displayed after the exam. The exam rooms are spacious and free from noise.

Logitrain offers labs for students. So, students can use their labs during the course sessions. Those are very helpful to gain knowledge. Logitrain provides internship facilities for students who don’t have experience in their relative fields. They will give reference letters for students who did the internship at Logitrain. After paying the course fees, staff at Logitrain will provide the course material for students. If we have any doubts about the topics, we can verify them from the books. 

During the internship, Logitrain will provide tips for technical writing, some practical lab sessions and some behavioural questions. We have to work out these topics and send our work to the internship department at Logitrain every day. Every week they will review our work and provide feedback as well. 

Candidates can gain work experience and internship in the following areas.

  • IT
  • Networking
  • Business Analyst
  • Project management
  • Software testing
  • Cloud computing
  • Business administration

Finally, Logitrain will arrange career counselling and advice session for those who have finished their training and internship. In this program, people will gain knowledge about

  1. Creating successful resumes
  2. Writing impressive cover letters
  3. Job seeking strategies
  4. LinkedIn profile writing
  5. Interview questions
  6. Technical/behavioural questions preparation

This program is beneficial for recent graduates, people who don’t have local experience in the market, people who are struggling to get the jobs in IT field, suitable for people who want to change the career.

Staff and trainers at Logitrain are accommodating in terms of clarifying doubts. The admin team responds promptly if we have admin related issues. Logitrain is accredited with some partners like Microsoft, ITIL, Telstra and Optus etc. 

Logitrain placed candidates in BlueShield Australia, IBM, Tabcorp, Asta and the salvation army etc.

Logitrain has good reviews from people who have previously trained with them. Some of the clients of Logitrain are Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, Optus, Coles, ANZ and toll etc.

Visit Logitrain, email [email protected] or call 1800 159 151.

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