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Importance of Australian Culture To Get a Job in Australia

If you are new to Australian workforce or new to workforce Australian work culture is the important to understand. The Australian work culture can be totally different to the culture of the university or any other countries work culture. Employer would prefer right candidate to fit into their team with right attitude, experience and work environment. There are several aspects where this could be critical.

Language: Australian way of speaking is totally different to almost any country. Aussie slang wording being used at workforce. Which means something different to the actual meaning and employees would use these words. If you are not used to this language, then you might be left out or you don’t understand. The communication won’t be effective. People may not speak to you and you won’t be fitting in to the culture.

Attitude: Australians work in different way than to the generally. To look externally they look easy going, not taking things seriously, look as if they don’t bother about the stressful situation. But actually, they don’t fuss or make any drama when result is expected with high pressure, they just do their stuff and get the job done. The work culture with colleagues will be more casual, they socialise more, going out for a drink and be friendly. They have lunch meetings, casual with the business people. This may not be like that in other countries, for a new arrival they may need some time to understand otherwise they will be left out. Australians are straight to the point when talking and this might seem rude to some people, and they take it to personally if not experienced.

Australians has COFFEE culture: They drink morning coffee. The meetings would be done during the coffee and almost all the employees drink coffee and believe this. If you do not understand this and think this is time waste, then you will be missing the culture.

In conclusion: Work culture in Australia is more of relaxed and informal, work in collaborative approach.  More socialising, relaxed work environment with games, drinks, snacks to create good bondage among the people, that may not be expected in other countries, if not understood properly before starting your job would create misunderstanding and miss fit.

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