Agile Training Courses

Agile Training Courses

There are various agile courses offered.


The Project Management Institute provides an Agile Certified Practitioner course. This is for the company who are thinking of moving towards Agile, or those who are already using the Agile.

Using or know about the Agiles subsets such as Scrum, Lean, Kanban, and extreme programming.


Strategy certificate:  A company called “Twenty-Eight Strategy execution” has tied up with the University of George Washington and is providing Masters certificate courses in agile practices.

This is a Mater level certification consisting of seven course over a period of four years.


Agile Certification Institute:

This is an Agile standards body that provides a wide range of agile certifications and focused on agile adoption not only in Software but in other areas also. They also provide certification for Lean, Scrum, Kanban. Both practitioners as well as a master’s level.


Scrum Alliance:

They are leading organization for Scrum professionals, provides memberships, support Scrum adoption, and effective method of practices. They offer 6 Scrum certifications for software development certifications. Such as Scrum master, Scrum product owner, Scrum Developer, Scrum Trainer, Scrum coach, and Scrum professional.


Certified Agile Project manager (IAPM)

The international association of Project Managers is a global association and certification body, especially for project managers. The aim of the organization is to promote research and development.  Basically, for beginner to advanced Project Management.  This is for people with basic knowledge in planning, organization, and implementation of Agile and project management.


APMG Internationals:

This institute provides various certifications, but the focus is on standards and high visibility around the agile framework, in Program and Project management.


Scaled Agile Academy:

As the organization grows with Agile, eventually one has to scale properly and still maintain the growth. Hence Scaled Agile Academy focuses on providing various related certifications.  These certifications provide a valid, reliable, and consistent method of scaling Agile. Helps for a bigger organization. Educate on sound practices and data-driven methods.

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