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How to be a Software Tester Entry Level?

Much fresher who wants to build a career in IT opt for software testing as a stepping stone. The qualifications that you need to start a career as an entry-level software tester include a degree or relevant experience and computer skills. You may wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field. Most employers prefer applicants who understand applications QA testing methodologies and familiarity with relevant coding languages. An entry-level QA software tester works to test software, identify errors, document those errors, and provide a report to the software developers. As an entry-level tester, you may operate as a member of a quality assurance (QA) or software development team. In some positions, your duties may include performing an automated or manual analysis of the code of the applications and suggesting modifications. Your responsibilities may also consist of creating scripts that can automate testing for that piece of software or application. Candidates who are passionate about this field and want to grow as a Quality Tester end up getting the best jobs available in the market. Anyone can be trained but only the people with a real interest in this field can make a name for themselves So, get to know the basic idea of Software Testing & Quality Assurance and develop an interest in it. You will be able to survive in your Software Testing job only when you have real interest and passion about it.

You should have analytical skills coupled with knowledge of testing methodologies and tools. ensure that you have all the basic required knowledge of Software Testing and have the necessary skills to do the job.

As a fresh graduate, you will not be having any significant exposure to Test scenarios & Test cases.

  • In such a situation, you can join any leading institute that offers training in software testing. By doing so, you will get a good knowledge of Software Testing as well as some hands-on experience which will prove to be very useful in grabbing a software testing job.
  • You can also take up some freelance work that will be an added benefit to your experience. Nowadays most of the job openings require you to have some certifications in testing. This has been made mandatory by most of the companies so that the candidate can be productive from day 1 of his joining and no amount of time or money needs to be spent on training the candidate over the basic software testing concepts.
  • You can also attend online software testing courses or read the software testing tutorials available online.
  • There are a lot of tutorials available online for learning software testing and preparing for job interviews.
  • Another good option to build your software testing skills is reading Books on testing.
  • There are many popular software testing tools that offer free trial versions. I would suggest you to start exploring Selenium first. It is the most popular open-source and one of the best automation testing tools available in the market.

Software Testing is a vast field. So you should focus on one area of testing. This will increase your worth in the job market. Along with specialization in one area, it is always advisable to be familiar with other areas of testing as well. 

Non-Technical skills you need to become a software tester:

Analytical skills – it’s essential for software testers to have sharp analytical minds.

Communication – a software tester needs to have excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

Passion for testing – to become great at any job, you need to be passionate about it. 

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