Difference Between VTP Version 2 and Version 3

VTP could be a Layer a pair of electronic messaging protocol that maintains VLAN configuration consistency by managing the addition, deletion, and renaming of VLANs inside a VTP domain. A VTP domain (also referred to as a VLAN management domain) is formed from one or a lot of network devices that share identical VTP name which are interconnected with trunks. With VTP, you’ll be able to build configuration changes centrally on one or a lot of network devices and have those changes mechanically communicated to any or all the opposite network devices within the network.

The main variations between VTP Ver three and VTP Ver a pair of, the VTPv3 is ready to distribute info regarding extended vary VLANs, personal VLANs, provides protection against unwanted overwriting of the VLAN info by a switch with the next revision range, and is even able to synchronize MSTP region configuration throughout your VTP domain.

The VTP arcanum may be, to my best information, encrypted just for VTPv3 exploitation the command vtp arcanum arcanum hidden within the international configuration mode. once getting into this command, the arcanum are going to be hold on in Associate in Nursing encrypted format within the vlan.dat file and even the show vtp arcanum command are going to be unable to reveal the first.

VTP v2

VTP v2 isn’t a lot of completely different than VTP V1. the foremost distinction is that VTP V2 introduces support for Token Ring VLANs. If you employ Token Ring VLANs, you need to change VTP V2. Otherwise, there’s no reason to use VTP V2. dynamical the VTP version from one to a pair of won’t cause a switch to reload.

Send the VTP messages on faith the version range or domain in clear mode

Supports Token Ring

Performs consistency check on the VTP / VLAN parameters (from command line interface or SNMP)

Pass on Unrecognised TLVs

In VTP version a pair of, if a switch is in clear mode, it’ll forward the message on faith version info. A clear switch exploitation VTP version one can check the domain and version before if sends the frame.

VTP v3

  • Support for extended VLANs (4094).
  • Support for the creation and advertising of personal VLANs.
  • Support for VLAN instances and local time mapping propagation instances.
  • Adds a replacement mode referred to as “primary server” that is that the only 1 allowed to create changes to the domain.
  • Improved server authentication. VTP version a pair of hold on the arcanum as code within the running config. V3 stores it a hex range.
  • Protection from the “wrong” info accidentally being inserted into a VTP domain.
  • Interaction with VTP version one and VTP version.

Supports extended VLAN numbers (1-4095)

Transfer info concerning personal VLAN structure

Support for databases aside from VLAN (for example MST)

Protection from inadvertent info overrides throughout insertion of recent switches

Hidden arcanum protection

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