Best Microsoft Certification

Best Microsoft Certification

Microsoft is a global supplier of software and hardware for consumers and commercial customers. They developed software operating systems for a wide variety of devices including desktop computers and servers. With the large number of Microsoft products professionals need to familiarise themselves with in order to design, install and maintain networks and services, Microsoft also offers certification for professionals in each job role to earn in order to demonstrate their proficiency with these systems and environments and that they are up-to-date with the newest products Microsoft has to offer.

Microsoft has three levels of certifications, Fundamental, Associate and Expert. Fundamental certifications are suitable for candidates just beginning their career in technology, Associate certifications are suitable for candidates with prior experience working in technology and Expert certifications for professionals with a two to five years of experience and a deep understanding of their field.

One of the fundamental certifications available to individuals is the Microsoft Technology Professional (MTA) certification. MTA certification covers a wide range of subjects including Windows operating systems, software development, databases, networking and security. To earn an MTA certification, candidates must pass one exam in their given subject.

For network administrators, MCSA: Windows Server is an essential part of their education. It proves to employers that the candidate is capable of installing, configuring and maintain a Windows Server. Currently, the Windows Server certification is split into 3 sections, Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016, Networking with Windows Server and Identity with Windows Server. To receive MCSA: Windows Server certification, candidates must pass three exams to be considered competent with Microsoft Windows Server.

Additionally, candidates with an MCSA certification can expand their horizons by certifying as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), a more advanced certification based on MCSA. There are different MCSE certifications such as core infrastructure, business applications, productivity and data management and analytics. These certifications require candidates to show competency with a broad range of skills set across cloud platforms, Microsoft 365, SQL administration and Microsoft Office usage.

Microsoft certifications are one of the most highly regarded certifications in each field they are in, allowing holders of these certifications more flexibility and power when selecting job positions and negotiating for promotions. These certifications also allow professionals to share their knowledge with people newer to the industry as well as possibly teach something new to their fellow experienced peers. Microsoft certifications are highly relevant to just about any workplace as the use of Microsoft products is exceptionally common around the globe and will most likely stay popular for the foreseeable future.

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