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Top 9 Free Networking Software

Networking in computers can be defined as a means of communicating and sharing data between different end-devices over digital interconnections. Networking involves various stages, from planning to implementing, to monitoring and troubleshooting. Every stage is equally important in the life-cycle of a network. Let’s list the top 10 free networking software to help at every stage of life of a network.

This is a network design software that works on the Microsoft Windows platform and even over the internet. On this, multiple users can work on a design at the same time using its locking/unlocking feature. It allows to import or export designs in a large number of formats.

2. Network Notepad Freeware Edition
It works on the Windows platform and has a very simple drag and drop interface. It provides different modes for improved graphics and printing. We can even rotate objects at any angle and even combine objects to form composite objects.

3. Visual Paradigm Online Express Edition
It is an online software that allows very smooth integration with cloud services. It works on multiple platforms, say, Windows, Mac, Linux. It boasts on its ease of use and accuracy of positioning while drawing.

4. Subnet and IP Calculator
Providing the right IP address and using the correct subnet mask is very important to make the network work as intended. We can do the mathematical calculations ourselves, but, while working on large networks it is always better not to leave anything to chance.

5. PuTTY
It is a telnet and SSH client which lets you connect to, and configure, various devices that you otherwise could not. In addition to Windows, it provides support to Linux and Unix devices as well. 

6. Wireshark
It is a packet analysing software that can capture the packets over the network, analyse them, and provide a detailed report. It works on Windows and Unix platforms. Not just monitor, but, we can also troubleshoot a network using this software.

7. PRTG Network Monitor (free edition)
The best part about this is that it is easy to set-up and its auto-discovery feature lets you map out your entire network. With its continuous monitoring and in-depth insight into the performance of your network, you can never miss an event or problem in your network.

8. Nmap
Network Mapper is used to scanning vulnerabilities over a network. It does a port scan to determine whether the ports are open, closed, or filtered by a firewall and displays any security risks that exist on those ports.

9. Cisco Network Assistant
It works very well on Cisco network devices. It helps the administrator to monitor the network and diagnose the problems.

It is the best all-in-one solution for a student or a beginner. It can work on any platform and lets the user make a realistic lab environment and also troubleshoot networks.

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