MCSA Certification

Importance of MCSA Certification


Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) is Microsoft owned industry certification. This certification will expose you to cover a wide variety of Microsoft products and job areas. 

It is an entry-level certification intended for beginners who are yet to begin their career in the IT industry. This certificate will lead you to demonstrate proficiency in a variety of Microsoft products, roles and knowledge areas.

Holding the MCSA certification proves that a candidate has a comprehensive set of skills on Microsoft platform to perform particular IT-based server administration task and other duties such as active directory support, database administrator or enterprise administrator.

Facts about MCSA Certification

There are no firm prerequisites to sit for the MCSA exam and get certified. However, Microsoft recommends at least of one-year experience with Microsoft technology before attempting the exam.

Average salary
Since it is an entry-level certificate, the pay varies from company to company depending on your experience. Candidates who possess MCSA certification are likely to get paid more comparing who does not have the certificate. 

Certification Outcome
There are plenty of jobs in the market upon successful completion of this
certificate. Such as computer systems administrator, network administrator,
technical support, help desk and so on.

The expiry date of the certificate
Your certificate will be valid until Microsoft retires from the certification
exam. This is because Microsoft is focusing on role-based certifications to
keep up with the demand for technology in various aspects.

Benefits of Having MCSA Certification

Get well-regarded Jobs
MCSA certification is accepted worldwide. Hiring managers also prefer job
applicants who have this Certificate. Having this certification makes you a
desirable candidate for employers and put you at top of the list.

Get a better salary
Again, it depends on the industry you are working and the experience you have
gained. Obtaining a certificate gives you an edge among other candidates and
may land you in a job with a better salary.

Official proof of skills
When you are officially certified as MCSA qualified it gives you the
credibility and an official proof that you are familiar with Microsoft servers
and networking stuff. It proves that you have mastered the skills related to
this certificate.

Improves your skills
Improves your skills by a wide variety of training. You will be able to
install, configure and troubleshoot servers or network peripherals.

Career growth
Getting Certified as MCSA is just the beginning of your career. It serves you
as a foundation to move up the ladder in Microsoft Technology. Certifications
like MCSD and MCSE are just a few of the certifications that you can attempt
after getting this certification.

Proves your dedication to technology
Investing your time and money in Certification means that you are dedicated to
grow and learn to be an IT professional. It proves your employer that you are
eager to improve yourself and learn. 

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