Citrix Certifications

Importance of Citrix Certifications

Cloud computing is quickly becoming a popular IT solution used for various of its advantages such as mobility, data sharing and collaborative properties. Citrix is a cloud-computing company that provides cloud service technologies to its users. Citrix provides products and services that fall into the categories of secure digital workplace, app virtualisation, enterprise mobility management, file sharing and networking. As it produces all these products and services, Citrix would also need to provide training courses to teach its users and employees how to use each of its products and services. To that end, Citrix provides certification programs on three of its main solution categories, desktop virtualisation, networking, and enterprise mobility management.

Similar to Cisco’s exam certification levels, Citrix offers different levels of certification starting from associate to professional to expert. These levels prove a candidate’s knowledge and experience with their respective topics and categories of Citrix technology.

For virtualisation, Citrix provides the Citrix Virtualisation line of certification, starting with the Citrix Certified Associate – Virtualisation (CCA-V). The CCA-V certification is for operators and administrators and covers topics such as installation, configuring, securing, monitoring, access, troubleshooting and maintaining the Citrix product XenApp and XenDesktop. Next, the Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualisation (CCP – V) certification is for engineers and consultants who require a more in-depth understanding of XenApp and XenDesktop and covers architecture, layering and virtual desktop agents. Finally, the CCE-V certification is for expert architects, engineers and consultants who assess, design and document infrastructure, create solutions and analyse existing environments.

For networking, a CCA-N certification is for the associate level of candidates and trains candidates in the use of Citrix’s NetScaler solution. It certifies network and systems administrator’s knowledge on basic networking and various other networking concepts such as default policies, security, switching and load balancing. The CCP-N certification is for network engineers to understand Citrix NetScaler in a more in-depth way, it covers firewalls, instances and weblogging. Finally, the Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN (CC-WAN) certification is aimed towards professionals who configure the technology and improve its performance and stability. 

For mobility, Citrix has the CCP-M certification built for mobile developers and designers. Candidates must be familiar with designing, installing, configuring and managing the Citrix XenMobile Enterprise solution. Similar to the previous virtualisation training line, the Mobility line offers an associate and expert level of certification too.

Citrix also offers certification for enterprise file synchronisation and sharing, the Citrix ShareFile (CC-SHAREFILE) certification is aimed towards solution professionals who manage corporate data sharing, access, security and synchronisation. Candidates must be adept in using Citrix ShareFile and how to manage, administer, secure and support a ShareFile deployment.

Citrix offers a wide range of certification that covers all its products, claimed to be used in 400,000 clients around the world. Making certification from Citrix from valuable as it is an important certificate issuant in the world of desktop virtualisation, networking and cloud computing.

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