Certifications For Jobs

Importance of Certifications For Jobs

Certifications have set up the benchmarks, globally, for the required skills, qualities, of a candidate looking for a job. To get a job, one must have knowledge about the field, and to get that knowledge, one attends school, takes an apprenticeship, does an internship, undertakes training. And once that learning part is over, and the required tests have been taken, one gets a completion certification to demonstrate one’s competence. And in this globalised economy, it has become more important than ever to acquire globally recognised certifications to become job-ready in any part of the world. Getting certifications has become a necessity these days to land a job.

Everywhere, the organisations conduct interviews before selecting a candidate for a listed post. On average, an interview lasts for about 30 minutes and includes personal, behavioural, and technical questions. So we can say, that though in an interview the aspirant is asked about the skills required to get the job, but, it is not enough to judge the capability of the applicant fully regarding a specialised skill-set. Certifications help prove the competency of a candidate in the claimed skills. A certification course offers an integrated and holistic approach. It normally targets all possible aspects, components, and functions of a subject that can not be learned and proved otherwise by a candidate. Certifications are designed by the industry leaders to make the aspirants workforce-ready, and even to help the ones who are already working in the field by being a means of career advancement, as almost every certification comes with courses for different levels of expertise. Hence, it can be said that a certification is not only required to get a job, but it is also required to retain a job. Certification also helps a candidate to stay up-to-date with the latest market standards, trends, and new software and technology. Certification courses are structured flexibly by keeping working professionals, home-makers, or otherwise busy individuals for whom time is a constraint, in mind. One can take up certifications anytime and anywhere as per one’s convenience. Some organisations even pay for their employees to get the latest certification as they are aware that a well trained and up-to-date employee will help the organisation grow, and instead of hiring a new employee it is better to train the existing one. However, certifications are beneficial only if the candidates actually learn from the process and not take them up just to get the certificate paper. To get a new job, or to get a promotion, eventually, it is the knowledge that matters and not just the piece of paper one gets after the completion of the course.

The IT industry worldwide is very competitive, the work-force is teeming with qualified professionals, and there is a constant race to improve the existing practices, technologies, and infrastructure. So to enter the industry, stay in the industry, and to make progress through your career, acquiring the latest skill-set is immensely helpful, and for that, earning the latest certifications is the best option.

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